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Headquarter: Building 9, No.9, Jieshun Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.

R&D Certer: #102, No. 2, Sanheng Road, Jiangnan Village Industrial Zone 2, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou.

Factory: No.13, Hanhe Avenue, Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Industrial Park, Donghua Town, Yingde City,Guangdong,China.

Company profile

Yingde Keytec Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern and intelligent pigment paste production factory build by Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which is specialized in pigment paste production,pigment paste application research and color application supporting services.

Yingde keytec factory has started trial production in July 2016 and obtained a safety production license in September 2017.It is the first manufacturer has the certificate to produce solvent-based pigment paste in China.The maximum production capacity of water-based products can currently reach 12 tons, and continuous production can be achieved.

In 2006,our company was invited to set the industry standards of “Water-based Colorants for Architectural Coatings”and launched environmental friendly VOC free product series at the same year.

Dow Company and us have been jointly hosted colorist training courses twice a year since June 2012 to share tinting experience with our peers.At the end of 2012,We also published “300 Q&A for Tinting” to share the problems and solutions in the application of colorants.From 2012 to 2017,our company was continuously invited to participate in the Top Ten Best Enterprise events, and we won the honors of “Top Ten Pigment Brand”, “Top Ten Pigment and Filling Agent Supplier”, “The Best Colorant National Brand”, "The Best Innovative Technology Award" and other awards.In 2018 Keytec Water-based Industrial Paints colorants won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award.The company obtained four patent certificates in 2016 and won the national high-tech enterprise.At present, it has applied for 25 invention patents.The company has passed dual certifications of ISO international quality system and environmental system.

In order to provide stable products to meet the increasing demands of customers,Yingde Keytec Pigment Technology Co.,Ltd.adopts the latest fully-automatic integrated production line,equipped with more than 80 new high-efficiency grinding equipment,auxiliary vacuum defoaming system,chilled water system,pure water system,air compression system,automatic feeding system,sewage treatment system and other facilities.Our full-load annual production capacity can reach 30,000 tons.The entire production process represents the leading level of the domestic colorants industry.


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